Over the years of my athletics career I have been lucky to experience great success. But, as with any sports career, there has also been the times of ultimate failure. I have had times when I have questioned my desire for the sport but ultimately my inner determination has seen me through.


Progressing through academia I have come across many different areas of research, learnt a number of methods and techniques and dealt with a wide variety of scientific practitioners. I am now just months away from completing my PhD, the journey I have taken may not have been the usual path but I have learnt so much and have realised there is still so much more to be learned in the science of sport. 


I have had a vision for a platform such as RunScience for a number of years now and it has taken the likes of Bobby Clay and other athletes to kick start me into action. Through RunScience I intend to provide an informative site that that combines my running experience with scientific knowledge, making it available to coaches, athletes and parents. I intend to translate the scientific information that we have available and make it applicable to everyday training situations. I have provided programmes on the site that can be accessed, with a small fee, and using my scientific background and running experiences I intend to provide a successful training programme to help you reach your goals, no matter what level.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me on the form on the site. I hope you find this a useful tool. I hope to continually adapt and develop as both science and sport progress hand in hand.