Jess wins Florence Marathon, Italy

1st 2.25.28 (PB)

Third fastest UK Female of all time.

Looking to improve your running? 


Then talk to someone who not only understands running but also the science behind running well.

Jess Piasecki has been competing at international level since the age of 16, when she made her first team Great Britain appearance as part of the junior cross country team.

Since then Jess has represented team GB at senior level on the road, track and cross country. And has previously been the English 10,000 metre and British half marathon champion.

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Dr Jessica Piasecki combines her athletics career with her work as a lecturer in Exercise Physiology within the Sport Science Department at Nottingham Trent University. She is a member of the Musculoskeletal Physiology Research Group. Jess is module lead for the undergraduate module "Food and Healthy Eating" and contributes to other Nutritional and Applied Exercise Physiology  modules across undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Career Overview



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The female athlete: It's not all about performance

Jess combines her experience of running at the highest level with her scientific knowledge, to bring you bespoke training programmes that can really help you achieve your goals, no matter what the level.






Jess' help has been absolutely incredible. I arrived with a stress fracture, low bone density, and a complete lack of knowledge about how to recover properly... 8 months later and I've been taught so much about everything from cross training techniques to fuelling properly. Throughout this time Jess has always been on call to answer all my queries and worries. At the end of every week I send over my training and food diary, and in return Jess sets the next 7 days of training for me to complete along with further advice. I couldn't recommend her help more!


Ellen Crombie  Aspiring junior athlete

Jess really knows the science behind nutrition and how food can be used to fuel the body in a positive way.

I have always eaten healthy food but needed some help with fuelling for long runs and using gels.

Jess was able to offer suggestions for foods to try and ones to avoid when running long distances.

Getting help from a fellow runner who has competed at such a high level has been invaluable, especially knowing the advice is tried and tested. 


Bryony Proctor Senior long distance athlete

My Athletic coaches (Mike and Pete Nixon) first recommenced I should contact Jess in 2015 after sustaining a two broken metatarsal bones in the short space of 6 months. Jess had very similar injuries and used her experience and knowledge to set me a first class rehabilitation programme including cross training, physiotherapy and nutrition advice.


Whats more,  Jess voluntarily took the time to look at the greater picture in order to figure out the reason for sustaining so many broken bones in such a short space of time and how i could prevent more injuries in the future. Jess Invited me into work for bone density scans, analysed my diet, training, sleeping and even considered underlying illnesses like anaemia. Everything! 

Jess's hard working efforts have meant I can consistently train 6 times a week and haven't had any further injuries since. Thanks to Jess, I feel i have gained so much more knowledge in how to appropriately train and fuel myself correctly. Additionally I have learnt about the benefits of rest and the importance looking after all the insides of my body too (my bones, blood, hormones etc). 


Since meeting jess, I have always felt comfortable to open up to her about anything due to her understanding, respectful and empathetic nature. Perhaps it helped that i often felt i was able to relate to Jess in terms of having a big interest in running, but also having to establish a healthy balance between athletic interests, academic studies, working and still finding time to socialise. Having said this, it does not undermine her humility and supportive traits. 


To this day Jess will still regularly contacts me to check how i'm doing and i cannot thank her enough for all her efforts towards getting me where i am today. 


Ruth Sinclair Junior athlete progressing to Senior

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